A quick update.

Today was our 7w scan, our first one.

All is good. I cannot even begin to put into words the relief I’m feeling right now! The little one is measuring a centimetre long which is about 2 days head of where I am according to ovulation dates. Uterus is 4 days ahead and the yolk sac is pretty perfect size.

And the heartbeat! Oh my goodness, that heartbeat! Seeing it so strong and so clear was just mind-blowing. I burst into tears with relief.

The only slight concern is that I’ve had a small haemorrhage but it looks like it’s resolved itself so although I may get some slight brown bleeding, it shouldn’t be anything to worry about. I’m not looking forward to that but if it’s just brown then it’s nothing to worry about. I’ve been told to keep rested under strict instructions so who am I to argue?!

I requested my favourite nurse today, Karen, who I’ve written about before. I’m so glad I did. She admitted she was nervous and we were mid-conversation when the scan started when she broke me off talking, and blurted out, “THERE’S A HEARTBEAT!!”, with voice full of relief. I could’ve kissed her! She just makes me feel so much more comfortable and I feel as though she will be honest and caring without being a dick, like the last 7w scan woman.

So, we’re in their care for 3 more weeks. I’m booked in with my local midwife for next week, and have another scan booked for late next week with the clinic. We’ve been ‘strongly recommended’ to still go on holiday, which is great.

My brain is slightly overwhelmed right now. Husband and I are pretty much sitting in silence. But at least it’s a positive silence.

High five! 😀

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