9dpo. Is this possible???

I spotted this morning. Tiny pink watery stuff. Freaked out. Got my progesterone blood tests back. 44, which is 8 above the average of 36. The thoughts started: should I test?

So knowing I had one hpt in the house, I peed on it. Stupid, I know. But best to remove temptation, while it’s waaayyyyy too early, I suppose…or so I tell myself. Best to get a negative while I KNOW it will be negative, than to get a negative when I’m hoping for a positive. Plus it was my last in the house and I’m not going out and buying more, therefore removing the multiple pees I’m likely to do once 13dpo (expected arrival of af).


How?? Is this a false positive? I’m only 9dpo. Too late for the Pregnyl trigger to still be in my blood? 10 days says the official Pregnyl leaflet, and it’s 11days since I injected it. :-O


26 thoughts on “9dpo. Is this possible???

    1. I didn’t know if it might be the Pregnyl in my system but that’s only suppose to stay in absolute maximum 5-7 days and today is 9. Husband is a bit bewildered, and so am I!

      I genuinely only peed on the hpt to make sure I got a negative when I knew it would be negative, then I wouldn’t be tempted to test in a few days when a negative would be gutting. It was my last test in the house and I knew I wouldn’t go out and buy anymore if this one was gone. Then this came up, within 2 mins. Shocked!

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    1. Thank you 🙂 I’m apprehensive and not counting my chickens (or babies…) until the day af is due but I feel ok at least.

      I’m reading online – I had 5000iu Pregnyl on 29th March – so it’s 11 days since. I ovulated 2 days after, so am 9dpo. An important looking website says it takes 1 day to halve the amount in your body, so day 1: 5000, day 2: 2500, day 3: 1250, etc etc, down to a level which takes it below where hpt would detect (so would be 10 days). So I’m either a day early or I’m a day ok. I’ll just wait now, which was the original plan, until I thought using up the test would make sense… Gah. A right situation I’ve created now! Thank you for your comment – I’ll keep you posted!

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    1. I don’t get beta 😦 Because it’s literally just been injections to trigger ovulation, rather than IUI or IVF, they kind of leave me to it at this stage until I’m either pregnant or af comes, then all starts back up again.

      I miscounted in that I’m 10dpo (progesterone tests were yesterday which is 9dpo – but got results today, but I’m still thinking about everything as 9dpo…!) which could still be too early, so am just being cautious, rather than trying to work out when week 7, 12, 16 would be, etc. Am abandoning the whole pee-stick thing until Tuesday! Af due Sunday.

      New mantra: just stick to the flippin plan, woman!!!


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